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The Season of Renewal: Embracing Health this Spring

Ah, Spring! A season many of us hold dear. Especially for us Michiganders, it signifies a transition from the chilly, overcast winter to a climate bursting with warmth and sunshine. To me, it’s more than just a change in season—it’s an opportunity to Spring into Health!

Wondering how to leap into a healthier you this Spring? Here’s a three-step game plan:

  1. Cultivate a Healthy Mindset
  2. Spring into Action
  3. Establish a Healthy Routine

1. Cultivate a Healthy Mindset

Shaking off winter’s chill may take a little while, and along with it, the impact of winter blues or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) that some of us might experience. As per myClevelandClinic.org, this form of depression is triggered by seasonal changes, often starting in fall and worsening in winter, only to dissipate come spring.

Though the winter blues typically lessen with the arrival of spring, those with more severe forms of SAD may require treatment. Regardless, cultivating a healthier mindset will need to be a deliberate step. Use the change in seasons as motivation to commit to necessary lifestyle changes.

Why spring? It’s a time when people are typically motivated to commit to wellness improvements. The cold winter often deters outdoor activities, but the arrival of spring eliminates these barriers. But bear in mind, Spring in Michigan can also be nippy, and it can even snow in April! Yet, don’t let this weather stop you from establishing an indoor or outdoor exercise routine.

If you’ve read up to this point, I believe you’re ready. So, set your mind, and let’s spring into action.

2. Spring into Action

Fresh from cultivating a healthy mindset, it’s now time for action. I understand that beginning might make you feel a bit anxious. Especially if you’ve indulged in comfort foods over winter and been inactive, causing some weight gain or joint stiffness.

As per Lawrence J. Cheskin, MD, founder and director of the Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center, and as reported by WebMD, people tend to gain an average of five to seven pounds during winter. Stiff joints and tight muscles often result from prolonged bouts of inactivity during winter too.

So how do you spring into action after a long, harsh winter? As the famous Nike slogan goes—”Just do it.” Start moving!

Walking, weight lifting, or participating in a structured gym workout are all great starting points. Or perhaps you could incorporate healthier food choices into your meals, like adding a fruit or vegetable or drinking more water. Shifting your focus toward what you should consume rather than what to avoid can prove to be a successful strategy.

Once you’ve started implementing these lifestyle changes, it’s time to make them a part of your daily routine.

3. Establish a Healthy Routine

It’s no secret that a healthy lifestyle is a core contributor to preventing chronic diseases, enhancing mental health, and improving overall physical wellbeing. If you’re keen on enjoying the benefits of a healthier mindset and healthier actions, you need to make them a part of your regular routine.

But how do you spring into this healthy routine? Well, it’s simple:

  • Allocate time each morning for positive thinking. This could involve meditation, prayer, or deep breathing exercises.
  • Plan for healthy food consumption—pack healthy snacks and meals or know where to find healthy options.
  • Schedule physical activity or exercise throughout the day at a time that suits you.

By springing into a healthy mindset, taking appropriate actions, and establishing a healthy routine, you’ll be able to enjoy the numerous benefits of a healthy lifestyle not just this spring, but hopefully for a lifetime.


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