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Creating Spaces for Education, Collaboration, and Development

Through educational and interactive physical, mental, and nutritional workshops, Angela provides fun and safe spaces where people can ask questions, share thoughts, and learn proven techniques and methods to become mentally, nutritionally, and physically well.

Educational And Interactive Workshops Can Include:

The Art Of Eating Well

The Art Of Eating Well Workshop℠

This workshop provides an overview of the essential components of an overall healthy eating plan. Participants will learn nutritional guidelines, proper food consumption patterns, proper food selection and how to create their own healthy and balanced meal plans.

The Three C’s: Core, Cardio & Calisthenics Workshop℠

This workshop teaches participants about the core and the benefits of core, cardiovascular, and body weight exercises.  Participants will observe the proper demonstration and performance of core, cardio, and bodyweight exercises and learn how to effectively perform those exercises in an educational and interactive workshop.

Self-Care & Wellness For Educators, Administrators & Staff

This workshop provides busy educators, administrators, and staff with simple healthy lifestyle strategies to take better care of themselves and improve their overall wellbeing. Participants also learn techniques for effective time management and task completion to increase productivity and performance while reducing stress and stress producing behaviors.

Strong Body = Strong Mind Strength Training Workshop℠

This workshop for new exercisers or those that might be doing it wrong, teaches proper body position, stance, and proper form and technique for the seven (7) major strength exercises that are the foundation for most strength training exercise programs.  Participants will observe and learn proper form and technique and appropriate sequencing for an effective strength training workout.


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